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Stuart William Dewhurst

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Lancaster, UK


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Front End Development
Mar 2015 - Current

I am a student of UX Design and I am always exploring new themes and new ways of presenting information. I am an attentive designer, with a good aesthetic sense. I like to provide attractive mobile-first web sites which are fully responsive and look good on all device types and in all browsers. I am conversant with HTML5, CSS4, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, SQL, Bootstrap and XML and I am a Certified Developer with W3Schools. I am aware of the high standards that are required these days in semantic web design and I always deploy html tags which are appropriate. I write good and clear code, which is economical and can be easily maintained. I specialise in CSS and can find solutions to difficult positioning and layout problems. I can create Animations with CSS and SVG technologies. I can also use HTML Canvas for Javascript animation. I recently launched the AOAS Group website, which is an entertainment site for people who wish to learn more about the great Mysteries of Life. I am available to work on new projects for businesses, organisations and individuals. I am a reliable coder who enjoys working from home. However, if you need someone inhouse I will quickly learn how you like things to be done.

Web Development
Jan 2015 - Current

I am constantly learning and trying out new technologies. At the moment I am studying anti-spamming techniques and ways of handling and developing graphic-rich HTML emails. I am a student of Interactive Design. I can create contact forms securely with server side validation and best practices, including use of ReCaptcha. I can also employ user management techniques, integrating with MySQL, using secure login and password systems. I am studying e-commerce solutions in php, including Magento. I follow optimization best practices, including image and code compression, CSS Spriting, Base64 encoding for images and I can defer load CSS, Javascript and images for best performance and page speed. Presently I am coding my own Social Networking and News Channels in PHP. I want to better connect people and to help build communities and good relationships with other professionals and ventures in the UK. Web design is a pleasure but I have a broader interest and in my spare time I read Computer Science with Harvard University in the United States through EdX.

Graphic Design
Jun 2011 - Current

I am a student of Graphic Design, Color and Typography and I am excited by the artistic opportunities which Web Development brings. I love working on existing material from the Public Domain and enhancing it with technology. I have worked on calligraphy, from an ancient Saxon Manuscript, to all kinds of ornaments and images from the Victorian era and from other cultures around the world. I studied Art History with The Open University and I regularly visit Museums and Art Galleries. I like to keep abreast of developments, techniques and trends in Web Design. I am a devotee of Albrecht Durer. I am stimulated by Western Art, from the Early Renaissance onwards and by the wonderful Architecture and Calligraphy of the Eastern World. I use the work of great Artists in my client web design work. I am inspired by the breadth and quality of artistic resources within the public domain and I enjoy using Art in order to lead and present web designs.

SEO and Analytics
Jan 2018 - Current

I am a student of Search Engine Optimization, SEO Content Writing and Analytics.


The Open University
2007 - 2011


The Open University
2006 - 2007

Cert Hum (OPEN), Cert Soc Sci (OPEN)

University College, The University of Durham
1995 - 1997

Chemistry and Natural Sciences

W3 Schools, Norway
2015 - 2018

Certified HTML Developer

Certified HTML5 Developer

Certified CSS3 Developer

Certified JS Developer

Certified JQuery Developer

Certified PHP Developer

Certified Bootstrap Developer